We Detect Slab Leaks Fast! Call the #1 Company in Laveen for Immediate Inspection Services

Do you suspect you have a slab leak? This type of plumbing issue is not something to mess around with. The longer you wait to make a slab leak repair the more you put your home at risk of sustaining substantial damage. When you need professional advice and repair services, call the top-rated company for leak detection in Laveen – Laveen Plumber Pros.

What makes us standout from the crowd? We have a crew of professional leak detection specialists that go above and beyond to provide you with exceptional inspection services that are precise and practiced.

Our Contractors Use Electronic Leak Detection Equipment

Electronic leak detection allows our specialists to determine the exact location of leaks that have found their way into your plumbing system. The training our technicians receive qualifies them to use the latest tools to find leaks fast and in non-invasive ways. We always go above and beyond to make sure our customers are 100% happy with the methods we use to find concealed leaks.

Identifying Slab Leaks

In addition to electronic leak detection, there are other ways that homeowners can inspect their own property for signs of slab leaks. Have you noticed water spots on your flooring? This could be an indication that water is seeping into the concrete slab that forms your foundation. Are your baseboards warped? Have you noticed warm spots beneath your feet while walking on your floor or foundation? These are all signs that a leak is possible.

Even the tiniest leak in a below ground pipe can cause thousands of gallons of water to leak over the course of several days. So, one of the easiest ways to know if you have water issue is to pay close attention to your water bill. If your bill is higher than usual, call a leak detection service in Laveen today!

Available 24/7 for Your Convenience

Laveen Plumber Pros is available to take your calls 24/7. We’ll connect you with a local, certified contractor immediate. We offer free estimates, unbeatable pricing, and 100% guaranteed service. Call today to take control of nasty water issues including water heater leaks and more!