Toilet Repair and Replacement in Laveen, AZ

From broken toilet handles and damaged flappers to clogged toilets and obstructed sewer lines, when you need expert plumbing advice and toilet repair from a professional plumbing service call Laveen Plumber Pros. Every day we troubleshoot with residents of Laveen, AZ, helping them figure out why their toilets have suddenly stopped working as they should.

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Top-Rated Clogged Toilet Repairs

When your toilet doesn’t flush properly, you need accurate toilet repair in Laveen. Our clogged toilet repair is precise and amazingly priced. We want you to feel confident that when you call for plumbing service, you’re getting skilled and expert repairs from plumbing professionals that have years of experience and a passion for their jobs.

Our clogged toilet repair service includes inspection and recommendation for repairs or replacement. Most blockages occur as a result of flushing the wrong items down the toilet like sanitary napkins, tampons, facial tissues, and other items not made to be flushed. Usually, our plumbers can clean out your drainpipes and dislodge clogs using simple drain cleaning techniques like hydro-jetting, but we won’t know if this is the right solution until we investigate the problem.

We Fix Running Toilets

Is there a toilet in your home that runs nonstop? This is a sign of a leaky toilet. The toilet may not be seeping water around the base of the toilet, but instead it is leaking inside the toilet tank. The culprit is usually a broken flapper or inoperable flush valve assembly. When these parts do not do their jobs properly, water inside the tank continues to push into the overflow tube and causes the toilet to run uninterrupted.

Why is it important to fix a running toilet as soon as possible? You may think that a running toilet is only a minor annoyance, but in reality it is actually sucking the money right out of your bank account. Toilets that run continuously can waste as many as 200 gallons of water in a 30 day period. That translates into a water bill that you probably would prefer got lost in the mail.

Professional Toilet Replacement

If you need to replace an irreparable toilet or simply want to upgrade to a newer, sleeker model that conserves more water than your current toilet, we can help you find the best option. New toilets offer a plethora of features designed to keep your water costs low and provide you with luxury amenities like no-flush, automatic toilets, heated seats, soft-close seats, lighted toilets, and dual-flush options.

Purchasing a toilet is just step one of toilet replacement. Next you need someone to help you install the toilet. Don’t make the mistake of trying to install your new toilet yourself if you do not have professional plumbing experience. This can end up being a costly mistake that leaves you riddled with problems and voids your warranty. Opt instead for professional toilet installation in Laveen, AZ.

For the best toilet repairs in town, give us a call today and we’ll provide you with a free, no-obligation quote for repairs.