Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement Service in Laveen

It can be hard to find a home in Laveen, Arizona that does not have an electric-powered garbage disposal. For decades, residential garbage disposals have made kitchen clean-up convenient and easy. The modern day kitchen sink disposal makes it possible to eliminate food odors from trash cans and it can keep bacteria out of your home. However, as nice as this appliance is, it isn’t without its hassles. When a disposal is not operated properly, it can break down and cause leaks, release foul smells, and stop working altogether.

To enjoy the benefits of your garbage disposal, here are some suggestions for keeping it running, clean, and smelling nice.

Use Your Garbage Disposal

Did you know infrequent disposal usage can cause rust and corrosion? Many of our customers are shocked to learn this little known fact. Many people believe that they can lengthen the life of their disposal by limiting its usage to only weekends or every other day. This is flawed thinking. You actually want to use your disposal every day.

It is also important to make sure all food particles are properly rinsed down the drain so they don’t cause broken or jammed blades and clogs. When clogs exist, water can sit in the pipes or move at such a slow rate that oxidation can begin to develop. We tell our customers to run cold water through the disposal while it is still running for at least 30 seconds after you believe all food waste has been disposed of. This ensures that every last bit of food is gone.

Eliminate Odors

Does your garbage disposal smell? Bad odors coming from your disposal does not mean it is broken. In fact, from time to time, all disposals will smell as a side effect of its job. You can eliminate these yucky smells by using citrus fruit or vinegar.

If you use citrus fruit, cut up either a lemon, lime, or orange and grind it up. This should immediately freshen up the disposal. However, if you want to clean the disposal and even sharpen the blades, consider making vinegar ice cubes. Once or twice a month, grind up these ice cubes in the disposal. Your appliance will smell good and the sharpened blades will make it more likely that all food waste will be adequately ground up.

Protect Your Disposal

For more garbage disposal tips such as what foods can and cannot be placed in the unit, or for plumbing service in Laveen, AZ to repair a broken garbage disposal, call Laveen Plumber Pros. We deliver fast service and affordable pricing for all your garbage disposal repair, replacement, and installation services.

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